KSEA-NE Bylaws

Article 1 (The Name)

The association is called New England Chapter (NE Chapter) of the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA).

Article 2  (The Membership)

The chapter members consist of the members of KSEA and should reside in the New England province.  The qualification of the KSEA membership is specified in the bylaws of KSEA.

Article 3 (The Purposes)

NE Chapter will enhance the academic and vocational cooperation and the network among the Korean American scientists and engineers living in the province.  It will plan the promotion of the friendship between each member and his prosperity.  Furthermore it will support the KSEA Headquarters to achieve its goals and development. Article 4 (The Business)

NE Chapter will do the following business activities to achieve the purposes specified in the previous article:

1.  providing the exchange of the professional knowledge and the vocational cooperation among the members,

2. supporting to foster the Korean-American students and the second generation scientists and engineers,

3.  enhancing the friendship among the members and their prosperity,

4.  contributing to develop the regional society,

5.  supporting the business activities of the KSEA Headquarters,

6.  executing additional business activities for NE Chapter and its members.

Article 5 (The Fiscal Year)

Each fiscal year starts in July 1 and ends in June 30, the next year.

Article 6 (The General Assembly)

The general assembly is the supreme legislative organization, elects the chapter president and the councilors, accepts the business and treasury reports, and approves the business plans and the budget.  A regular session of the general assembly shall be held in May or June in each year.  The chapter president can summon a special session of the general assembly within sixty days after a written request made by the chapter president, the majority of the councilors, or at least one quarter of the registered members.  The general assembly is set up only if at least one third of the registered members participate.  In an inevitable case, the general assembly obtaining the councilors’ consent can made a decision by the mail vote.  In the case, the decision is effective only if the majority of the registered members vote.  An item other than one revising the bylaws is decided by the agreement of the majority of the attending members (or the effective mail votes).

Article 7 (The Staffs)

NE Chapter will have the following staffs (the councilors and the executive officers):

1. the chapter president - one seat

2. the vice president (the president elect) - one seat

3. the councilors - six seats

4. the executive officers (the general secretary, the professional group leaders, young generation affairs, treasurer, webmaster/editor, membership, ...etc.) - a few seats

5. the auditors - two seats

Article 8 (The Council Formation and Its Duties)

The council is formed by the six councilors elected by NE Chapter members, the chapter president, the vice president, the chapter president served in  the previous year, the leaders of the professional groups having at least twenty members, and the NE Chapter members serving the officers or the councilors for the KSEA Headquarters.   The chapter president or at least one third of the councilors can request a council meeting and it becomes effective only if the majority of the councilors attend it.  The council directs the general assembly and deliberately makes decisions on important matters.  It investigates the chapter business plans, the budget, the business report, and the treasury reports.  It directs the details of the professional groups.

Article 9  (The Board of The Executive Officers Formation and Their Duties)  The board of the executive officers consists of  the chapter president, the vice president, and the executive officers.  It is the executive organization for the chapter.  It prepares the items to be submitted to the general assembly or the council and executes the items approved by the general assembly or the council under the supervision of the chapter president.

Article 10  (The Executive Officers’ Duties)

The chapter president is the chairman of the general assembly meetings, the council meetings, and the executive officers’ meetings.  He is responsible for executing the items approved by the general assembly or the council and represents the NE Chapter outside the region.  The vice president assists the president and acts for the president if the president has a mishap.  Every executive officer, as instructed by the chapter president, executes the business matters which he is in charge of for the chapter. 

Article 11  (The Auditor’s Duties)

The auditors audit the business execution of the chapter, the process of the budget execution, the closing account, and report them to the general assembly.

Article 12 (The Election of The Executive Officers)

The chapter president and the councilors shall be elected by the general assembly or the mail vote among the candidates who receive the recommendation from the council or at least ten chapter members.  To be elected as the chapter president, he must receive the majority of the effective ballots.  The councilors are elected in the order of the number of votes obtained.  The executive officers are nominated by the chapter president and must be admitted by the council.  The auditors are elected by the council.

Article 13  (The Terms of The Staffs and The Vacancy Replacement)

The terms of the chapter president, the vice president, every executive officer, and the auditors are one year.  The term of the councilor is three years.  Two councilors of the elected councilors shall be replaced each year by the election.  If a vacancy occurs in the council or the auditors, the council fills up the vacancy by a by-election.  If a vacancy occurs in the executive officers, the chapter president nominates a supplementary candidate for the position and he must be admitted by the council.  The term of the supplementary executive officer is the rest of the term of the former officer.

Article 14 (The Advisory Committee)  

The chapter president can request an advisory committee consisting of a few consultants to obtain consultation on the execution of the chapter business.   The request of the advisory committee must be approved by the council.

Article 15  (The Finance)

The chapter finance is supported by the following financial resources:

1. the KSEA membership fees and subsidies,

2. the donations given to the chapter,

3. the incomes from the chapter business.

Article 16 (The Modification of The Chapter Bylaws)

The chapter bylaws can be revised by obtaining the approvals from at least two thirds of the regular members seating in the general assembly.

Article 17 (The Unspecified Items)

The items that are not specified in the chapter bylaws or the minor regulations should be in principle ruled by the council decision or the bylaws, the minor regulations, and the customary practices of the KSEA Headquarters.

Additional Regulations

This revision of the bylaws is immediately effective right after the approval of the general assembly.   The first election of the council after the approval of the revision (September, 1990) will elects two councilors.  The current elected councilors will serve until their terms expire.

The Revision History

September, 1982 to March, 1983 - Researched for the revision

March 29, 1983 - Drafted at the research section of the committee

May, 1983 - Discussed and revised at the council

June 11, 1983 - Admitted at the eleventh general assembly

January, 1990 to May, 1990 - Discussed and revised at the chapter bylaws revision committee

June 16, 1990 - Admitted at the general assembly

August, 1999 - Translated into English for the young generation in the chapter